Area attractions

  • Area Attractions

    When you explore the area of Kimi you can find many interesting sights that will impress you.

Interesting places

A visit to the house of Doctor George Papanikolaou, right below the central square of Kymi is a must. Next to it is located the church of Agios Athanasios, where the statue of this great scientist stands.
You can admire the beautiful neoclassical building of the Town Hall, and visit the Folk Museum where many woven and embroidered articles of 19th century of unique craftsmanship are on exhibit. There also you can see the characteristic local costume of Kimi, with mixed influences from the cultures of Asia Minor and Western Europe.
You can walk around the nicely landscaped area (a work of the architect Dimitris Pikionis) where the little church of Profitis Ilias is built. In the same location also stands the statue of Ioannis Velissarios. The place where the little church is built offers a unique view to the sea, the mountains and the town of Kimi.
You can visit the church of Agia Triada built with beautiful red stone, and the church of Panagia Laoutsanissa, decorated with excellent frescoes and a beautiful marble chancel-screen. The pulpit and the chancel-screen are works of the sculptor Ioannis Chalepas (father of the famous Greek sculptor Yiannoulis Chalepas).
For everybody preferring an escape to a nearby destination or a beautiful hike, a route to the old mill or the cistern and the harbor will certainly fascinate them. The view from Kymi will also impress them.
Only 1 km from Kimi are located the sources of Honeftiko, with water of recognized medicinal value.
When you visit the monastery of Metamorfossi Sotiros (dedicated to the Metamorphosis of Christ), you will be impressed by the excellent epitaph of the 14th century. Outside the monastery the natural environment and the tranquillity it emanates will enchant you. Hal way to the monastery you can find the Gournia source, where you can get a refreshing drink of water. After the monastery you meet the Agiou Georgiou Castle, rising in a verdant green setting with the blue of the sea as the backdrop.
A few more, somewhat distant, sights around Kymi include the church of Panagia Evangelistria (dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary) in the area Oxylithos, the church of Kimissi Theotokou (dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin Mary), and the church of Agia Anna. Also, the source with rich water in Klimatari and the hill called Viglatouri with archaeological findings. Moreover, in the area Taxiarches the churches of Agios Georgios, Profitis Ilias, Taxiarches, as well as the monument dedicated to the 30 patriots executed during the German occupation. Every year on May 24th, a celebration takes place in their memory.